Bipolar Lifestyles

I’m a 30-year-old bipolar woman, a technical support agent at Dish Network, tax preparer for a local charity, current Tulsa inhabitant, and I’m one credit shy of an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.

I’m working on recovery from self-injury and working toward stabilizing my bipolar symptoms. I’ve been mostly single the past few years and plagued by a seemingly never-ending series of jackasses. I have no children but I have several nieces and nephews I love to spoil.

I have lots of personal experience with abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal), rape, Bipolar Disorder (many of my family members – my parents, maternal grandfather, brother, uncle, and two cousins – have it as well as some of my friends), PTSD, GAD, Panic Disorder, domestic violence, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts, and self-injury among other things.

I write about my personal life and experiences on my blog. Click here to check it out.

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