Bipolar Lifestyles

Bipolar Lifestyle is an educational resource for people who want to learn more about mental illnesses, particularly bipolar disorder, and how to cope with them. It got it’s start on, but evolved into its own domain in May 2009. It was started and is maintained by Jennifer Steele, aka BipolarChick.

The goals of this site are to:
• Educate people about bipolar disorder and the effect it can have by showing them a glimpse into the real lives of people with bipolar disorder;
• Help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness/behavioral health;
• Help others who are living with bipolar disorder, depression, or other mental illnesses (diagnosed or suspected);
• Help the family, friends, and spouses of people diagnosed with a mental illness, especially bipolar disorder or depression.
• Show people who are depressed or suffering that suicide doesn’t have to be an option;
• Educate people about self-injury and debunk common myths and stereotypes concerning it.

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